About Me

photo by Brian Milo


My name is Gregory Farnham, but please.. Call me Greg; a thirty-two year old, tech-savy, troubleshooting, problem solving, photographer, lighting and sound technician, entrepreneur. I’m always doing something. With years of computer and network experience, I can fix almost anything that plugs in to a wall, or at least know someone who can.

My love of photography roots back as far as I can remember. I always have a camera on me. Obsessed with chemical/analogue/film photography and the need to tinker with any camera I can get my hands on, my collection has grown over the years.. In my spare time, I spend time in my darkroom processing film, producing black and white enlargements, and working on my tan under the soft red glow.

I started my photography career in 2011 working weekends as a photographers assistant. Since then I quit the day job and started booking weddings of my own. Best decision I’ve ever made. I feel that I’ve found my purpose and enjoy sharing my passion and doing what I love.

photo by whiteshutter photography   photo by whiteshutter photography